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  • Work Description

    1. Elaboration of all necessary structural drawings according to international standards

    2. Elaboration of all necessary calculation notes

    3. Incorporation of all the Client comments on both calculations and drawings

    4. Calculation will be conducted using computer assisted software

    5. Preparation of a concept report detailing the suggested systems to be used

    6. Conceptual Design:

    Based on the approved concept report, conceptual design will be provided in terms of location of columns and the approximate required dimensions of both columns and slabs for the preparation of the architectural sections

    7. Preliminary framing plans shall be prepared for the purpose of the coordination meeting intended to incorporate the MEP requirements in the architectural drawings

    8. Preliminary design:

    Preliminary framing plans showing columns locations and approximate dimensions as well as slab sizes (This is intended to assess the actual load take down and to decide what foundation system to use based on the geotechnical report provided. Any required modifications of the architectural drawings will be addressed at this stage)

    9. Final design drawings containing the following:

    • Excavation plan
    • Foundations schedule
    • Columns and Walls schedules
    • All levels general arrangement plans and relevant sections
    • Beams and ribs schedules
    • Stairs details
    • Bill of quantities and specifications

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    • Drinking Water Supplies
    • Sanitary cold and Hot Water Distribution
    • Waste and Sewage Water Pipes
    • Rain Water System
    • HVAC Ducting Layouts
    • HVAC Piping Layouts
    • Fire Protection system
    • Ventilation Systems
    • Irrigation System
    • LPG Gas System
    • Fuel Oil System
    • Equipments Schedules
    • Staircase Pressurization
    • Water Storage Tanks
    • Description of Mechanical Controls/BMS

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    • Lighting
    • Power
    • Low Current Systems
    • Panel schedules
    • Fire alarm
    • CCTV
    • Lightning protection
    • Stand-By Generators
    • Elevators
    • Details

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  • We shall submit the following documents:

    • Electro-mechanical Design Brief
    • Electro-mechanical Design Drawings
    • Electro-mechanical Bill of Quantities
    • Electro-mechanical Specifications

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    • Providing the general direction, coordination and oversight of the onsite work processes
    • Deciding when particular contractors or phases of the construction process can commence, and when it is necessary to suspend a process
    • Monitoring the general conduct of work in compliance with the design

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  • Elaboration of plan and section drawings to Architectural, Structural and Electromechanical trades as per international requirements, with an adaptation to the client needs and requests

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    • Providing accurate quantity take off to elaborate the BOQ
    • Editing specifications booklet to meet each project's requirements

      • Municipality Building New Jdeideh
      • Intercontinental Hotel Lybia
      • Summerland Beirut
      • National Museum "Maison Jaune" Beirut

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